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Reshaping the future with
more responsible batteries

Reshaping the Future of more Responsible Batteries

Who we are

Danish quality

Danish development
Danish manufacturing

Viridus is a European battery manufacturer

based in Denmark.

Viridus manufactures high-quality battery packs for the e-mobility industry.

We offer a comprehensive array of services, from the planning stage up to the finished product delivered at your preferred destination.

We build, we deliver

at Viridus

Working at Viridus

We focus on a good work-life balance and a corporate culture focused on involvement and mutual respect for each other. Our employees are the core of our success – they devote their ideas, creativity, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to ensure that we can do our best for our customers.



In 2019 we established our battery production facility in Aarhus, Denmark. Doing so ensures that we remain at the forefront of manufacturing and developing more green batteries.

battery production

We wish to help and promote sustainable urbanization by supplying and supporting green mobility with our safe and long-lasting batteries.


Responsible batteries


Carbon footprint

We do not only want to reduce the carbon footprint through our batteries, but also reduce waste and increase resource-use efficiency. We will integrate these practices through the entire supply chain.


Climate friendly HQ

Our new HQ is packed with sustainable features like a wastewater recycling system, CO2 neutral heat pump, reusable building materials, waste sorting, solar panels, electric car and bike charging stations and a healthy indoor climate with environmentally friendly furniture. 


We focus on sustainability, quality, safety, and reliability – and most important – customized solutions for our customers.

Our focus areas

About us

Viridus offers the possibility to create tailor-made and technically demanding battery solutions.

To remain competitive and continue to produce high-quality batteries, we always focus on the right staff and equipment, so that we can meet the customers´ wishes every day.

battery solutions


In-house design and development are important to ensure success.

Our customers value the innovative products and services that our team can provide, and our team ensure that your ideas are brought to life with the highest precision and quality.

Inhouse design,
development and expertise


Viridus is constantly pushing the boundaries regarding sustainability, development and manufacturing.

We focus on intelligent technologies and green initiatives to supply our customers with state-of-the-art solutions.

Our goal is to reach zero-emission production and provide more green energy alternatives, and we get a bit closer every day.

Our products adhere to the strictest safety, efficiency and performance regulations, and are tested to meet all relevant standards.

at Viridus


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Reshaping the future with more responsible batteries

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