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Employee well-being

Our employees are the core of our success – they devote their ideas, creativity, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to ensure we can do our best for our customers.

Therefore, Viridus takes good care of all employees.

All employees at Viridus have access to ergonomic office articles, a healthy canteen and a fruit scheme. Furthermore, we focus on a good work-life balance, corporate culture of involvement and mutual respect. We have incorporated walk-and-talk meetings and mental health 1:1 private conversations.


Innovative battery production

Our battery production is supplied by 100% renewable energy.

We use Standard Operation Procedures to minimize defects and reduce waste and we have a high focus on waste sorting.


We strive to automate our processes as much as possible with ergonomic tools to ease the employees´ workload. This includes an automated cardboard box assembler, semi-automated battery assembly, ergonomic tables and chairs, and a vision camera system for safety, quality assurance and minimizing waste.


All this to ensure our responsibility to our staff and the environment.


Responsible batteries

We wish to help and promote sustainable urbanization by supplying and supporting green mobility with our safe and long-lasting batteries.

The usage of more e-mobility helps fight the climate threats we encounter today.


Carbon footprint

We want to reduce the carbon footprint through our batteries, by reducing waste and increasing resource-use efficiency.

We will integrate these practices throughout the entire supply chain, hereby reducing the ecological footprint and changing how we consume goods and resources.


Climate friendly headquarter

Our new headquarter is awarded with a Gold DGNB certificate for our focus on sustainability and recyclability.

The building is carbon neutral and is packed with sustainable features like a wastewater recycling system, CO2 neutral heat pump, reusable building materials, waste sorting, solar panels, charging stations for electric cars and e-bikes and a healthy indoor climate with environmentally friendly furniture.

at Viridus

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