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Innovative, responsible
battery solutions

We offer the possibility of creating tailor-made and technically demanding battery solutions.

With our highly flexible production setup in Denmark, we can meet our customers´ wishes for an European battery solution.


Four essential processes in the Viridus production to secure the highest quality:


The first step in our battery production begins here. The sorting machine secures every cell works to our high standards.

Furthermore, it selects and sorts the cells so they have the same voltage (Y) and sorts them in the same channel to pick from.

Welding robot

When the battery pack is assembled, it goes through our vision test system. The vision test system assures that all cells are in the correct position before they go through the welding machine.

In the welding machine, all battery cells are welded together. The welding machine makes this process five times faster than an average employee and secures a quality standard that is impossible to get from handcraft.

The process runs seamlessly and all employees can operate the machine. By that, we secure high flexibility in our production.

Functionality test – Nebula

The Nebula test is a functionality test.

The test takes only 20 seconds to run diagnostic on the BMS, cells and weldings.

These short tests will catch error codes on charging, discharging and voltage in the

The Nebula test also provides the battery with a unique serial number so we can track the battery if needed.

Ageing equipment

The last step is the ageing process. The state-of-the-art equipment secures a high-standard test that runs for three days.

The ageing test gives us a complete overview of each battery and its performance.

The full diagnostic catches even the most minor errors.


This test is the final piece in our production that makes our batteries stand out in quality.

Production Quality 

Four essential processes in the Viridus production to secure the highest quality:

Production capacity

2019 Feb.

2021 Jun.

2021 Sep.

2021 Dec.

2022 Jun.

2023 Jan.

2023 Jun.






Do you want to know more about our production capacity?  

battery line

We have upgraded our battery assembly, so that we can produce battery packs with a larger cell format, 21700.

The cell format is distinguished by having more charging cycles and a greater energy density (more energy per volume) compared to the current 18650 designs.

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