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The battery pack producer Viridus Manufacturing achieves Danish principal ownership

Press release February 2023:

In February 2023 Danish entrepreneur Jesper Lundqvist increases investment in Viridus Manufacturing and is now main shareholder of the company. The investment enables great potential for the company:

This investment enables the potential of a large Scandinavian battery pack maker with the largest manufacturers and customers within micro mobility to create the fuel of the future.” Jesper Lundqvist, CEO, Promovec Group

This battery pack production secure high quality, and brings project control to another level, together with ensuring the green approach to production of battery packs by using upcoming European lithium-iron cells, which reduces the CO2 footprint dramatically.


In 2019 Promovec Group started up a joint venture battery pack manufacturing facility in Aarhus, Denmark and was from the start, a top-of-the-line production facility based on +15 years of manufacturing experience. Today Viridus Manufacturing produces +30.000 batteries for the e-mobility industry all over the world using automated processes, modern machinery, and highly skilled labor.

From the very start, the factory has had a focus on sustainability and was running on zero-emission. To improve the zero-emission measurements further, Viridus Manufacturing moved into a completely new factory in August 2022, build according to the sustainable DGNB standards. This factory is carbon neutral and packed with sustainable features such a wastewater recycling system, CO2 neutral heat pump, reusable building materials, waste sorting, solar panels, bike and car charging stations, and a healthy indoor climate.


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