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Batteries for the world of tomorrow

Predicting the future is all but easy. One thing, however, is sure: the demand for sustainable ways of transportation will only increase. Here batteries are a crucial element not only for electric transportation but for all electronic products and devices. Soon it will play a massive role in storing clean energy from sustainable sources.

Climate change and global warming define the global agenda – not just in the political sphere but in private households and corporations. We can no longer pretend that we are not affected by it or not affect it. In the globalized world, everything is connected.

Furthermore, this entails that we all, as a company and private citizens, have a responsibility. As professor emeritus Steen Hildebrandt has remarked, business as usual is no longer an option. Global warming is more than a problem; it is a call to action. An ethical demand from future generations to leave them a habitable and prosperous planet.


At Viridus, we are constantly looking for ways to improve - continuously setting high goals. Our plan for the immediate future clearly shows our ambition to innovate and contribute to the world's challenges. In 2019 we established our battery production facility in Aarhus, Denmark. By doing so, we assure that we remain at the forefront of the e-bike market and development and make us a dominant player in developing sustainable batteries. With our production facility, we have control over the process and development, and we have a real possibility to make the production of batteries more sustainable in the years to come.

Our components adhere to the strictest safety, efficiency, and performance regulations, and our products are tested to meet relevant standards, and all are fitted with integrated intelligent BMS systems. Also, we are committed to the responsible sourcing of raw materials for all components going into our production.

We will significantly reduce all environmental impacts, and we look forward to giving our customers better battery experiences with more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation. Our vision is to play a significant part in the development of the future of sustainable modes of transportation. Batteries and e-mobility can play a vital part in ensuring optimal conditions in the future of urban areas, while these will with certainty keep expanding rapidly. Not only does e-mobility offer a sustainable mode of transportation, but it is also an easily accessible and agile vehicle made for the urban lifestyle.


We must not be discouraged by our own seemingly insignificance. It is thus important to remember that our actions become significant when combined – whether for good or worse. Only if we acknowledge that we are participants in a global and connected system can we recognize our shared responsibility towards each other and the planet. Only in this way can we begin to live up to our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability begins not with a revolution of the world but with a revolution of the mind. For being a sustainable business, our general mindset must be green. More than anything, sustainability is a process of learning and continual improvement.


Recycling is essential when it comes to batteries, as they contain both valuable and hazardous materials. In 2019 we gave our waste management system an overhaul to make sure that we recycle as much as possible. To reduce our environmental footprint even further and incorporate our green ambitions into our daily routine, we have introduced sustainable products in our office and production facilities, such as FSC paper products and green energy solutions.

To be green and sustainable is more than just "keeping up appearances"; it is trying to be as green as possible throughout the whole supply chain. If green values are shared by our employees, then making green decisions become an easy choice. We cannot fall back to business as usual. Instead, we must strive to make the usual business green.


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